What our customers have to say…


“Jennifer Ferron is an experienced HR professional that has assisted my business with many HR functions. Jennifer is diligent in her work and is an expert in her field. She is professional, and meets deadlines. She surpassed my expectations and I will continue to use Jennifer on an ongoing basis and would recommend her services.”

Roselle Piccininni ~ Principal at arc Health Management Solutions inc.


“I asked Jennifer to help me with a compensation project when I was too swamped to do it myself. She did the research in an accurate and timely manner – the deadline I gave her was not very generous I must admit! She was flexible to my industry and was passionate about the employees and the project itself.

Jennifer aims to please and although she was a contractor that never met any other person on my team or within the company she did the work with integrity as if it was her own company – not just because there was a paycheque at the end but you can tell she really cares about the people, the work and the finished product – this passion is so rare today. I would hire here again and again!”

Cindy Usprech ~ Vice President, Human Resources at Nightingale

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